MB Flying Star Feng Shui 1.80: This program generates the flying star chart for you home based on Feng Shui.

MB Flying Star Feng Shui 1.80

Free Flying Star Feng Shui generates the flying star chart for you home based on Feng Shui principles. MB Free Flying Star Feng Shui determines the plot chart of your house from the date when your house was built. This program attempts to give you a detailed interpretation of the direction of your house, the period when it was built as per the Feng Shui rules, the facing palace of your house, the facing star of your house and also the mountain palace

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MB Feng Shui Suite 1.75: An unique, must have, comprehensive & all-in-one Feng Shui Suite Software.

MB Feng Shui Suite 1.75

Free Feng Shui Suite is a comprehensive and an advanced feng shui software which includes five different Feng Shui based programs. These include Kua Number, Lo Shu grid, Flying Star Chart, Ba Zi, and Bagua Chart softwares. It is an interactive and effective tool with an easy to use interface. It is one of the most consolidated and comprehensive feng shui programs and has been designed keeping in mind the average internet users. MB Free Feng Shui

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Astroccult Feng Shui KUA Fortune Teller 2.0: KUA number calculator with info on KUA directions & 200 feng shui remedies

Astroccult Feng Shui KUA Fortune Teller 2.0

Feng Shui KUA Fortune Teller by AstrOccult.net is a 100% free handy software tool to calculate instantly Feng Shui KUA number. The software also suggests powerful 200 feng shui tips, remedies & enhancements based on one`s personal kua number. The Kua number is an integral part of 8 Mansions Feng Shui. It is calculated using one`s date of birth and gender. According to Feng Shui, each person has 4 good directions and 4 bad directions which are based

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MB Daily Feng Shui 1.10

Feng Shui gives you a useful feng shui tip for the day. This can help you attain happiness and prosperity in your life. This is a software that can be used on a daily basis and helps you keep your home and office clear of all clutter. Feng Shui - the Chinese art of interior decoration examines the how the placement of things and objects affects the energy flow within our house. It also refers to how these objects interact and influence our personal

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MB Feng Shui Kua Number 1.75: This free Feng Shui program calculates a person`s Kua or Gua number.

MB Feng Shui Kua Number 1.75

MB Free Feng Shui Kua Number is a an interesting and easy to use software that calculates the Kua or Gua number based on the Eight Mansions school of Feng Shui. MB Free Feng Shui Kua Number calculates the Kua number for an input set of details that include the date of birth and the gender of the person. It calculates the auspicious and inauspicious directions as well as personal colors.

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MB Feng Shui Lo Shu 1.85: This free Feng Shui program recreates the Lo Shu grid for each person.

MB Feng Shui Lo Shu 1.85

MB Free Feng Shui Lo Shu is a remarkable and accurate Feng Shui program that helps one analyze their destiny with regards to the Five Chinese Elements. It recreates the Lo Shu grid based on one’s date of birth so that we can get a clear picture of what life has in store for us. This interactive program has a simple to user interface and also gives remedial measures for the missing elements.

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MB Feng Shui Bagua 1.40: This is an advanced, unique and an interactive free Feng Shui Ba Gua software.

MB Feng Shui Bagua 1.40

Free Feng Shui Bagua, each of these areas can be represented by a corresponding corner on the Bagua map. This map also contains a ninth section that corresponds to the 8 major corresponding life areas. So in this way the layout of Bagua map shows the nine main energy centers that we value the most. MB Free Feng Shui Bagua helps you to understand where you should be making enhancements to improve problem areas and which parts of the home you ought

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Easy Feng Shui Planner 1.2: Feng shui methods for mapping and predicting. Prognoses for places and people.

Easy Feng Shui Planner 1.2

Easy Feng Shui Planner is used to easily and quickly create maps and make prognoses using feng shui methods. It`s simple interface allows even an inexperienced user to quickly get the result. The program can: 1) map your home or office according to feng shui taking into account the cardinal points using a simple or precise method - show positive and negative directions and areas in your home 2) get you a personal prognosis by your birth date.

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MB Feng Shui Ba Zi 1.50: An advanced tool which calculates your four pillars of destiny or Chinese Ba Zi.

MB Feng Shui Ba Zi 1.50

MB Free Feng Shui Ba Zi is an interactive and an effective tool, which calculates your four pillars of destiny or Ba Zi based on the ancient art of Chinese Astrology. The program is useful in drawing up a map of your life and advises you on as to what is good and what is bad, on the appropriate action that needs to be taken during various phases of your life and much more. just input your personal details and the software does the rest for you.

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LuQi 7.07: Increase your Luck - This program will be enjoyed by Beginners and PROs. Try it!

LuQi 7.07

Feng Shui to all, Families and Professionals: `LuQi`is both PRO and FUN. Try it, Enjoy it and Discover the interest of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology! This European Standard is at last available in English Language. `LuQi`, the only serious program dealing with Feng Shui! `LuQi` is PRO: it has been developped for professional practitioners and greatly helps them. Major French, Chinese and Vietnamese astrologers have worked on the project, as well

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